“Mini” No-Bake Chocolate/Cinnamon/Coffee Cheesecakes


I made these using the Jello No-Bake Jello Real Cheesecake boxed mix

( Gasp! )

Doctored up MY way to make it with my favorite flavor combinations
It’s SO good and does not taste like a premade/boxed mix at all. They are not too thick or rich, either. Just delish!!!

On the box, there are directions for chocolate cheesecake bars. I decided I wanted individual cheesecakes, not no stinkin’ bars…

I used parchment cupcake liners. This is for 12 regular sized cupcakes, so line your cupcake pan and get ready to prepare the crust.

To the graham cracker crust I added 1 tsp of cinnamon along with the sugar & butter that are needed for box directions. I used a small scoop and evenly distributed the crust to each liner. Press the crust down using a spoon.
~I have this cool little wooden press/barbell thingy from Pampered Chef that worked perfectly for this.

Next follow the directions for preparing the cheesecake part. You’ll need to mix the cheesecake before adding any chocolate. I used the same scoop to distribute half of the plain cheesecake, press down to cover the crust.

Melt one bar of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate and mix in 1/2 tsp of instant coffee granules. Mix well, then stir the chocolate to the remainder of the cheesecake.
Layer on top of the plain cheesecake, pressing down as needed.

Melt one more bar of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate and drizzle over each cheesecake-cupcake

Chill for an hour or two.



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