Brunch Sangria in Mason Jars


Sparkling. Fruity. Sweet. Refreshing. Thirst Quenching.

All you need is:

12 – 8 ounce Mason Jars with the lids
1.5 Liter bottle White Moscato
* I would get an extra bottle if you think your guests are going to be really thirsty, or like to drink šŸ˜‰
1 – 2 liter bottle of Sierra Mist
1 each lemon and lime
12 strawberries
A bucket or cooler filled with 1 bag of ice

My mason jars have measurements on them, so it was easy to make sure they all had the same amount. Very handy!

~Fill each mason jar with 4 ounces of moscato.
~Slice the lemon and lime in half and then cut each half into 6 slices.
Put 1 piece of lemon and 1 piece of lime in each jar
~Hull and slice the strawberries. Add them to the mason jars, one at a time
~Top each jar with Sierra Mist, filling it to the very top. It should be about 2 ounces
~Screw the lids on, super tight.
~Place the jars in the ice and let sit for a few hours before serving.

I made these for a small group of 6, figuring 2 drinks each would be enough. This was for an afternoon gathering. They are on the smaller side and they aren’t too strong. You could easily adjust the size of mason jars and the ingredients to make them with your favorite fruit and wine combinations. You could also make them stronger by adding rum, brandy or schnapps.

I would keep an extra bottle of moscato chilled, with the Sierra Mist, for refilling. These go down smooth and fast!

Now I want one… Cheers!


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